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    1. I know vitamin c is good for after a workout and I know it’s good after a crossfit workout. I just don’t know which one is better chewables with or without rosehips etc. Any suggestions?


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      Answer by La Finita
      Get one with the smallest dosage. Vitamin C has X side effect. Better to acclimate slowly. You don’t want to be caught by surprise. So, 100 mg or less, and take one, or just eat an orange or squeeze a fresh lemon into some water, or use ascorbic acid in some soup. It is called sour salt in the ethnic section. It is all the same. Get a small bottle as well. A pharmacy brand, generic, would be fine for your purposes.

    2. I have started taken vitamin C supplements for the past 2 years and I have not had the common cold in this entire span. I normally would have 2 common colds per year prior (without much change in activity).

      Is it safe to say that the vitamin C has been keeping the cold away?

      Answer by Samantha
      Not necessarily – vitamin C is not really a cold preventative. If you are vitamin C deficient, then you are more likely to get a cold. But if you have the normal levels of vitamin C, taking more won’t prevent getting a cold.

    3. My mom has c diff. She’s been taking antibiotics for different things for the past couple of months, now. It killed her good bacteria, and now she has c diff, and it isn’t responding to the antibiotics. So what now?

      Answer by Anne D
      She might have to be hospitalized for hydration if she is having so much diarrhea that she’s become dehydrated. Her doc will likely change the antibiotic. She is probably on flagyl and if that’s not working they may switch it to oral vancomycin. Of course, taking lactobacillus is a very good idea. It’s over the counter.

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